The (short) Story

Hi, my name is Jürgen, I was born in Germany, moved to Söderhamn in Sweden in 1978 when I was 26, lived until 2017 in Sweden (the last 17 years mostly in Gothenburg) and live now in Hungary. You may think it's strange that I write my page in English, it's just lazyness. I have friends all over Europe and Amerika and I would have to write everything in Swedish, German, English, Italien, Spanish, Hungarian and even Russian (I'm sure I forgot some. excuse me for that my friends), so I'll write in English.

My Moto Guzzi California Stone Touring (2005)
As you see, these pages are mostly about motorcykels and motorcykel tours. For the moment there are 3 motorcykels in my garage: The beauty above, a 2005 Moto Guzzi California Stone Touring, a 2002 Moto Guzzi California Stone which I have to sell because I need the space in the garage (off cause I need the money for new projects too), and a 1995 Suzuki VX 800.


My Moto Guzzi California Stone (2002)

Suzuki VX 800

My 2002 Guzzi California Stone above and
the Suzuki VX 800 to the right

The Suzuki was ment for my daughter, but she backed off. Because I needed room in my garage I sold the bike. ( Thats a pitty, its a nice bike.)

Suzuki VX 800


I did my first experience with riding motorbikes already in the early 60ties at the age of 10 on a cousins Adler 100 cc. Anything else but legal, but a lot of fun.


After a lot of different 50 cc bikes like Honda CB 50 (with open pipe it really did sound like a big bike), Kreidler, Herkules, Puch which I all did borrow from friends, I got my drivers license 1970 (did it on a Vespa 250 cc) and bought my first own bike in 1974, a Suzuki GT 125 which I did trade for a GT 250 only a few weeks later..

Suzuki GT 125
Suzuki GT 125
Suzuki GT 250
Suzuki GT 250
At the end of the year I decided to buy a BMW R 75 and touring Europe but it did'nt go that way. I fell in love with a different bike, a Moto Guzzi 850. A brand new red beauty standing in the store and waiting for me. What could I do other than buying her! It was a beautiful bike with excelent handling and, for that time, a big and really strong engine with about 60 DIN hp and she ran like hell.

Moto Guzzi 850 T3

With that bike i started to discover Europe "the biker way". Having the privilage to live in the middle of Germany and surrounded by the most beautiful roads a biker could dream of and a lot of time ( I did'nt take my studies too serious) i started to discover all those wonderful areas. First everything around "home", Schwarzwald, Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy. Then the trips to UK, Ireland and Spain, sometimes together with friends, most times on my own. At that time I had a småll car, a Renault R4 that just stood and waited to be driven. Most time the car was lent out to a friend, I wad riding bike all year around.

And, what do you do when you're crazy about motorcykels, have an education as engineer and are a really good mechanik ? You start working with motorbikes!

A shop in the city was for sale and I bought it. Now I had suddenly a shop and workshop in the middle of the City selling Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and Puch and the business was running greate. I had great sales staff (a girl actually) and a good mechanik that helped me to run it and we made success working during the week and riding during weekends all year long. That gave me also the oportunity to ride a lot of differet bikes, not only all models from Suzuki of course and the most of Moto Guzzi models but even BMW, Laverda, Sanglas (if someone remembers those), Yamaha, Honda, Münch Mammut and a lot of other types. I was doing roadracing (both legal and a lot of not so legal races) with a tuned Suzuki GS 750 and a Moto Guzzi LeMans and had a lot of fun.

Renault 4
Renault 4


Suzuki GS 750

my Suzuki GS 750

MotoGuzzi LeMans

Moto Guzzi LeMans


In 1977 I bought a motorbike that I really regret selling in the late 80s, a Suzuki RE 5 Wankel.

Suzuki RE5
Suzuki RE 5

A technical wonder, sounded like a galopping horse at idle speed and got more and more calm as higher rpm the engine was running. She felt strong like an ox, did'nt matter if you were riding alone, with a girlfriend or with luggage. She just pulled on. The frame was'nt the best but with some job it could become pretty acceptable. (when I moved to Sweden I rode on her the 1.600 km in 22 hours inkluding ferries. I was young at that time).


Mostly in winter, when roadracing or 1000km weekend tours were not possible we had a lot of fun playing with enduro bikes and jeeps or even with the Suzuki RV 50, a wornderful little toy. Putting on snow-chains on the RV gave lots of fun in the snow.


My old DKW Munga (a friend inside)

RV 50

Suzuki RV 50


In late 1978 i sold my motorcykel-company and moved to Sweden at Christmas time. With me I took one DKW-Munga, the Suzuki Wankel, my Suzuki SP 370 (Enduro), my russian army "jeep" UAZ 469 b, and an Opel Admiral. So just imagine what rumors were going on in the tiny City of Söderhamn.
UAZ 469b
UAZ 469 b
SP 370
Suzuki SP 370

The UAZ was the best "working car" I ever had, built with an ax and a sledgehammer - repairable with an ax and a sledgehammer.

The Suzuki SP 370, 370 ccm 1 cylinder 4-stroke fun!

The Opel Admiral with Vinyl-roof. Big and really comfortable (in Germany at that time called "farmers Cadillac").

Opel Admiral
Opel Admiral


power to the peopel


To be continued

still under construction

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